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Our client is an Italian leader in the supply of automotive products, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach in integrating technology to streamline their sales process.




The primary goal was to equip the sales force, consisting of agents scattered throughout the territory, with an electronic system for compiling and sending sales orders to the central office. This system was designed to automate the registration of orders in the management system and facilitate their subsequent validation by the reference sales staff. Additionally, there was a requirement for this system to be adaptable for future use by individual customers, showcasing our flexibility and foresight in system design.

Technological Choice and Methodology

We opted for the development of a cross-platform application for both iOS and Android, provided to agents along with a company tablet. This decision not only made the sales agents independent in drafting orders but also demonstrated our proficiency in leveraging modern technology to solve traditional business challenges. The application required a server layer capable of fetching data from the management system, making it available to the app, and then recording the orders back into the system. This was achieved through a Cordova-based app development and a server-side synchronization system using PHP and MySQL, illustrating our technical versatility and commitment to choosing the right tools for the job.

Design and Implementation

The app was designed with an initial login feature to identify the agent or customer, tailoring the user experience to their specific needs. It offered a streamlined process for order entry, item search by name or code, and the handling of obsolete and substitute items, along with the ability to add notes and apply pre-agreed commercial conditions to prices. The choice of technology also enabled us to offer a web application for users without a tablet, showing our dedication to accessibility and user convenience. On the server side, we collaborated closely with the management system provider to identify necessary data and develop a robust data management and synchronization framework, further demonstrating our collaborative and technical expertise.

Integration Challenges

Adopting this technology required initial adjustments to accommodate the sales agents’ needs and some reevaluation of features by the management. Despite these challenges, the system soon became the main conduit for all sales orders, a testament to our team’s ability to adapt and overcome implementation hurdles for a seamless transition.


The implementation significantly streamlined the order entry process, reducing the need for manual data entry and allowing the sales team to focus on order approval and customer relations. This not only enhanced efficiency but also improved the administrative department’s operations by facilitating direct invoice and payment status checks through the app, showcasing the system’s comprehensive benefits.


We are currently exploring the integration of sales and revenue statistics into the app, aiming to provide agents with valuable insights to support their sales and customer support activities more effectively. This ongoing development underscores our commitment to continuous improvement and our client’s success.


This case study exemplifies our expertise in managing complex IT projects and our ability to deliver innovative solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, demonstrating our value to top and middle management audiences looking for professional, competent IT project management and implementation services.